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Pick 'n' Mix Chocolate Bouquet

Our Pick 'n' Mix bouquet has a little bit of everything from, Cadbury's, Rowntree's, Nestle & Galaxy.

Make's a gorgeous treat for anyone, for any reason.


Want it in a different colour? Simply request it on the order form.

Each bouquet contains

2 x Galaxy 42g bar

1 x Maltesers Teasers 35g bar

2 x Mars 51g bar

2 x Cadbury's Boost 48.5g bar

1 x Cadbury's Crunchie 40g bar

1 x Twix 50g bar

1 x Snickers 48g bar

2 x Cadbury's Fudge 25.5g bar

1 x Lion 50g bar

1 x Yorkie 46g bar

2 x Cadburys Star Bar 52g bar

1 x Toffee Crisp 48g bar

1 x Cadburys Dairy Milk share 200g bar

1 x Diamante pin

Height 50cm x width 35cm Depth 35cm

Please note that each bouquet is handmade to order so exact size may differ slightly.

All of our products may contain traces of nuts or may have been in contact with nuts.