Please note:

We are currently experiencing technical issues with our ordering forms and email.

Please contact us via our facebook page ( link at the bottom of this page) if you would like to place an order.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


How do i place an order ?

You can place an order directly on our site by filling out our order form. Alternatively you can place an order via our Facebook page. Once we have received your order we will email you confirmation of your order and a paypal link to make payment or our account details for BACS transfer.

How are your bouquets made ?

Our bouquets are handcrafted with soft floristry fabric, wooden skewers, living vase's, foam roses, feather butterflies, we do not use cellotape. All of our chocolate's are completely sealed and intact as at maufacture, we never pierce or unwrap them.

Each bouquet can take 1 to 2hrs to make.

Can i change the colours ?

If there is a particular colour combination you would like, just give us a call or use our contact form to tell us your preferences. We will then create a bouquet / truffle tree especially for you.

Can i change the chocolates?

Of course. Just fill out our order form to tell us the chocolates you would like. If we dont have the chocolates you want just ask us, as we may be able to source them for you.

Special requests

If you have special request such as sugar free or gluten free chocolates then we are happy to create a bouquet or truffle tree using these. We dont keep sugar free chocolate or sweets in stock as the demand is low. This means we will need a few days notice to order them in for you before we can start making your gift. We do keep gluten free in stock.

Can i add a personalised message ?

Yes you can. Simply fill out our order form to tell us your message, card included free of charge.

Bubble balloons information

Bubble balloons are made of clear stretchy plastic instead of latex. Your bubble balloon will float 10-21 days.

Please be aware that the vinyl lettering will bubble after a few days. This is simply a part of the natural process for helium filled balloons and cannot be prevented.

Bubble balloons are pop resistant but not pop proof. All our balloons are inflated the day prior to delivery to ensure any faults are detected whilst still in our care. Any faults will be apparent within a few hours of inflation.

This means balloons will be delivered to customers in perfect condition.

Balloons that are damaged once in your care cannot be refunded or replaced. All balloons must be handled with care and it is the customers responsibilty to look after the balloons once they are delivered. Balloons that are delivered in a box must be taken out as soon as possible. If the balloon is left in the box for too long it can expand in the heat and deflate/pop or delflate in the cold. We recommend that if you are ordering a balloon in a box that it is delivered on the day you require it for.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the balloons during transit to venues by the customer and whilst at events/your home.

If your balloon deflates within 12 hours of delivery and it hasn't been damaged we will replace it free of charge.

Exposing the balloon to heat, sunlight, cold or sharp/rough objects can cause them to tear or pop.

What do you charge for delivery ?

We offer free delivery to all customers within Stevenage, Walkern, Knebworth, Hitchin, Gravely and other surrounding villages. For all other areas within a 15 mile radious there is a flat rate charge of £5. These are delivered by us to ensure all orders arrive safely and in perfect condition. Please note we only deliver and accept orders within a 15 mile radius of stevenage.

What are your delivery times ?

All our bouquets are handcrafted to order. So please allow 2-3 days from order to delivery. This may be longer at busy times of the year, such as mothers day, christmas etc. Please note we only deliver and accept orders within a 15 mile radius of stevenage.

Do do i need a paypal account to make a purchase?

No, you do not need a paypal account. Simply choose the pay by debit or credit card option on the paypal link we send you. Alternatively you can pay by BACS transfer or cash upon delivery ( if paying with cash please ensure you have the exact amount as we don't carry change ).

You can tell us how you wish to pay on the order form.

Are your chocolate bouquets suitable for children ?

Due to some of the materials we use such as sharp sticks and diamonte pins we don't belive they are suitable for children under age 7. A child under 7 can still enjoy a bouquet with an adult present to supervise and help remove the chocolates. They should not be allowed to play with the bouquet as it is not intended as a toy.

How do i find out the ingredients in my chocolates ?

Head over to our ingredients and nutritional information page to view the ingredients in your chocolate bouquet.Please note that all our edible products may contain traces of nuts or been in contact with nuts.

Do you pierce or open the chocolates ?

No. We never pierce or open any of our chocolates. They remain completely sealed and intact as at manufacture. Please note that occasionally chocolates can have a slight whitening or speckled effect known as chocolate bloom. Don't worry its just cocoa butter rising to the suface. The chocolate is fresh and safe to eat.

How long will my chocolate bouquet last for ?

We use fresh sealed chocolates. They will have at least 3 months best before date, though we advise that your chocolates are consumed within 4 weeks of delivery. This is simply to ensure maximum quality. Your bouquet should be stored out of direct sunlight in a cool dry place.

How is my bouquet delivered ?

We take great care to protect your order in transit & deliver it ourselves to ensure your bouquet arrives in perfect condition.